Property Damage

Property Damage Attorneys Farmington Hills Michigan Giroux Amburn, P.C. - property_damageDon’t fight your insurance company alone.

If your insurance company refuses to pay fair compensation for damages to your property, you need the attorneys at Giroux Amburn on your side.

Property damage claims are like personal injury claims except they relate to damage or loss of personal property such as houses, buildings, personal effects or portions thereof. Insurance companies have adjusters evaluate your situation and decide what is owed to you. It is the adjuster’s job to save the insurance company money.  You need an experienced attorney who understands the process, can deal with the adjusters and insurance company, and will fight for what is rightfully yours.

Property damage claims are complex.

They involve more than simply making a claim and getting paid a fair amount from the insurance company.  Most often, insurance companies do not want to pay the full value of a claim. 

Common insurance disputes include:

  • Disagreements over the true amount of damage to the property
  • Disagreements over the actual cost value of the damaged property
  • Disagreements over the replacement cost value of the property

Other issues an attorney can help you with correlate with overhead and profit and sales tax.  These are payments to which claimants are entitled but, unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes fail to pay.  

The attorneys at Giroux Amburn have the experience necessary to handle these issues and have handled property losses in several parts of the country, particularly following hurricanes and other large natural disasters.  We work with a number of experienced and skilled public adjusters and will fight to get you fair compensation so you can get back to life.

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Don’t deal with insurance companies alone. Get the compensation you deserve. For a free consultation on your insurance claim, call Giroux Amburn at 248-717-2008.


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