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Warren's Best Civil Rights Lawyer

Giroux Amburn, P.C. puts a genuine focus on each client we serve, and getting them the justice they deserve. If you have been accused of a crime, it's absolutely critical to retain the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney right away in order to ensure your rights have not been violated and that your defense strategy is worked on as soon as possible. A criminal conviction could have serious consequences that can affect your life in many ways, including: business, family, future employment prospects, credit and more. When your freedom is at stake, you need an attorney who will work hard to protect your rights.

Aggressive Criminal Defense

The attorneys at Giroux Amburn are tough litigators who can handle and aggressively defend the following types of cases:
  • Drunk driving
  • Misdemeanor charges
  • Felony charges
  • Probation or parole violations
  • Retail fraud
  • Drug charges
  • Sex crimes
  • Assault charges
  • Domestic violence
  • Criminal record expungement

Civil Rights & Police Brutality

As citizens, we rely on our justice system and authority figures to prioritize our safety. Unfortunately, some people with these positions abuse that power. Our law enforcement officers ideally would be using their authority to protect those who can't protect themselves, not inflict harm or advance unlawful agendas. Bob Giroux, founding partner and skilled civil rights lawyer attorney, has handled many of these cases, with some resulting in settlements as high as $2.5 million for his clients.

The highly knowledgeable attorneys at Giroux Amburn have experience handling civil rights cases including:
  • Excessive Force
  • Unlawful Shooting
  • False Arrest
  • Sexual Harassment

Police brutality can turn from cruel treatment into life altering injury, depending on how far the action is taken. We have tried cases for excessive force resulting in fractured bones and even death. The attorneys at Giroux Amburn want to be a voice for you and get you the justice you deserve.


It is very rare to find a smart attorney that will fight tooth-and-nail to get their client what they deserve for the wrong done to them; but it is almost impossible to find an attorney that will also put aside his interests, and give their client what is most important to them, sound advice for the client's best interest. - Atild S.

Giroux Amburn P.C. is passionate about the law, and focused on fighting for your rights. Contact us us today for an immediate consultation.