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Giroux Amburn P.C. is Michigan's leading personal injury law firm, with nationally-recognized attorneys dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals in the Troy area. Personal injury cases can cover a wide range of situations. We represent clients who have been victims of dog bites, motorcycle injuries, work injuries and more.

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Motorcycle Injury
Bob Giroux, founding partner of Giroux Amburn P.C., is an experienced motorcyclist who brings a unique point of view to these cases. He has experienced the legal, physical, and mental challenges one faces while recovering from motorcycle injuries first-hand. With a background in auto injury cases as well, our attorneys know the specific differences and work hard to counter the negative stereotypes of motorcyclists that the jury unfortunately holds.

Dog Bites
Unprovoked attacks by dogs are very common, and can lead to traumatic injury. Aside from visible physical damage and psychological trauma, the dog could potentially be infected with disease that could potentially further harm the victim. The partners at Giroux Amburn P.C. can and will fight for any financial amounts you could be owed. Caring for injuries caused by dog bites can be very costly, so let our professionals explore your options and what you are entitled to. A common argument made by a dog owner might be that the dog, "has never done it before." Regardless, as the victim of a dog bite, you can establish liability on the dog owner's part, even if the incident occurred on their property. Michigan residents love their pets, but have to make sure they are being properly kept and looked after.
Work Injury
At Giroux Amburn P.C., we aim to treat each of our clients as we would our own family. We want to take the time to learn about your situation, because we truly care. If you, or someone you know, was hurt at work, we can help. It's important to consider your options before agreeing to a settlement with the insurance company, since your work conditions could be to blame. Experienced personal injury lawyers like Bob Giroux have the necessary knowledge of work injury, especially on construction sites, that can get you the compensation you deserve.
Categories of construction site negligence cases include:
  • Negligent Design
  • Defective Premises
  • Subcontractor Negligence
  • Defective or Dangerous Equipment
  • General Contractor Liability (under the common work area doctrine)

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