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It is often a path of difficult challenges when you try to get patents allowed for software, Fintech and gaming related ideas. Seeking protection of your idea is an essential move early on. Even more vital is finding representation offering an aggressive protection of your patent rights if and when an infringement occurs.

Giroux Amburn, P.C., has over 17 years’ experience in the areas of patent protection and intellectual property related litigation. Our lead intellectual property attorney, Dean Amburn, has over 25 years as a litigator and 17 years focused on patent disputes and protection.

From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, his firsthand IP experience and the firm’s highly regarded legal experience are key influencers in the success of IP disputes.

“We can help you successfully traverse the legal challenges of getting a patent allowed in the areas of software and financial services and litigate disputes relating to your protected IP.” – attorney Dean Amburn

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Our Approach

We recommend clients bring an attorney into their situation immediately when they realize there is concern of potential IP infringement. Having expertise early in the process can ensure you are taking the right steps to protect your intellectual property assets. Our team works hard to avoid unseen complications if you are accused of wrongdoing or wish to bring a lawsuit against another party.

We offer several benefits to our clients, including:

  • Litigation of complex IP matters including patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret cases
  • Preparation and prosecution of patent applications relating to gaming, apps, software and Fintech ideas
  • Focused time from an attorney dedicated to your case and that understands the complexities of IP litigation
  • Freedom-to-operate analyses to allow confidence in your business objectives without fear of infringing the IP rights of others
  • Readily available access to your attorneys
  • Expertise in software related patent issues including proficiency in the fields of gaming, apps and Fintech patents and technology
  • Domain name disputes
  • Negotiating and preparing licensing and settlement agreements

IP cases are typically complex, time-consuming and costly endeavors for any business.  Our background and experience provides efficiencies and potential for a better overall result.

Call 866-416-9046 or submit an online form to contact Giroux Amburn, P.C. today. Our central office in Southfield, Michigan, serves clients nationwide. We are pleased to offer a free consultation to interested clients and may accept cases on a contingency or blended fee arrangement.

Fintech Patents

Innovations in the financial and technology realm are fast growing, always changing and often evolutionary to ideas that precede them. The challenge of getting Fintech patents allowed is notably difficult. Usually involving a lengthy processes between the patent application and grant approval, taking steps to protect your idea may be crucial to the success of your business.

Once protected, we can bring your complex patent infringement dispute to court. With a history of positive results in federal courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission, we represent complex litigation matters involving multifaceted technologies.

Firsthand Experience | Hands-On For You

If your business is facing challenges receiving patent protection for Fintech related innovative ideas or is involved in a Fintech patent dispute, we are the firm that will work tirelessly to obtain positive results on your behalf. We work with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in their intellectual property disputes.

We can assist you with firsthand and seasoned experience in these matters; our lead patent attorney, Dean Amburn, currently has four of his own patents relating to Fintech.  You can trust that you are in careful, capable hands, with Giroux Amburn, P.C.

We can help your business with:

  • All Fintech related inventions and industry patent matters
  • Patent protection for emerging technology in the finance world
  • Preparation and prosecution of Fintech related patent applications
  • Protecting your ideas for Fintech services or products
  • Defending clients during intellectual property lawsuits
  • Seeking compensation for violations of financial related innovations
  • Companies and organizations including banks, brokerage houses, stock and commodity exchanges and insurance companies

Learn more about our specific approach to your case. We also provide legal help for patent issues and infringement lawsuits in the gaming and software industries .

We serve clients in New York, Illinois, Boston and nationwide from our office in Southfield, Michigan. Call 866-416-9046 or use the easy online form to discuss your case during a free legal consultation.

Gaming Patents And Technology

From casino games to online gambling, we have your patent law needs covered from idea to final product. At Giroux Amburn, P.C., we have over 17 years of experience protecting your intellectual property from impending lawsuits or third parties infringing on your patent.

The gaming industry is a complicated legal field that combines emerging technology, physical gaming consoles, online platforms and differing state laws. We are the firm that takes a complex case and makes it understandable to the court and jury. From Las Vegas to companies across the nation — there is no case too challenging for our team to advocate.

Representing Your Case With Up-To-The-Minute Strategies

We understand the challenges companies face when they try to have gaming patents approved. There are also a number of situations where another company may accuse you of patent infringement — when you are threatened with a lawsuit you need an effective intellectual property protection lawyer from the start.

When you work with our team of attorneys, ensuring your gaming technology is aggressively protected is our priority. From that point, we can facilitate:

  • Protecting source code for online gaming
  • Guarding characters and storylines that are not in the public domain
  • Applying for powerful intellectual property patents to ensure monopoly rights
  • Safeguarding your idea from the physical console to the subject matter
  • Researching existing gaming and technology patents
  • Discovering freedom-to-operate opinions
  • Fintech or any financial elements in your patents

Our skilled team can represent anyone involved in the gaming industry, from manufacturers and suppliers to software companies . While concepts and innovated processes cannot be patented, we will carefully review your idea or product to seek the protections available.

Make Your Gaming Patents A Safe Bet

Contact our Southfield, Michigan, office 24/7 through our online form or call 866-416-9046 to speak with our team. We may accept cases on a contingency fee or blended fee arrangement — learn how we can help you save time during a free, confidential consultation.

Software And App Patents And Technology

The software and video game industry is rapidly becoming one of the largest entertainment industries. With lucrative profits available to successful companies, you cannot afford someone stealing your idea or your hard work.

Giroux Amburn, P.C. is uniquely qualified to represent companies in intellectual property cases. With over 17 years of experience in niche patent areas, we have a dedicated team of litigators led by skilled and respected managing partners .

The Protection You Need Before And After Infringement

Today, courts are awarding software and app patent holders significant compensation in damages when a patent is infringed on. As the functions of software and app products grow at a lucrative rate, so does the seriousness of how they are protected.

Over the years, the financial remedies to plaintiffs have increased into the millions. It is essential to choose the right attorney to defend against taking a financial hit that large, and to prosecute anyone who infringes on your tech ideas.

We have successfully represented clients seeking:

  • Defense for app and software patents and infringement cases
  • Litigation for another party’s patent infringement
  • Cases involving social network gaming or online gambling
  • Protection for source code, in-app screens, characters, consoles and functions
  • Monopoly rights to software or apps

We serve clients in Silicon Valley and across the nation in all matters of intellectual property protection for technology and software, gaming and Fintech patents .

Call our Southfield, Michigan, office at 866-416-9046 or reach out via online form to speak to one of our lawyers.

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