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2018 – The Year In Review

We started this firm with a plan to practice law with honesty, integrity, and to always do the right thing for the client. We call it PURE LAW. As we look back on 2018 there are great examples of living these principals in both sides of our house: Personal Injury and Intellectual Property.

Being a Champion and Fighting for the Rights of Individuals

When you practice personal injury law you meet people that have had earth shattering experiences. People need care and compassion at times like this and they need a champion- someone that stands up and tells their story and is passionate about what their life is worth. Heavy stuff. We are committed to finding this balance with all our clients, to be both Champion and Compassionate adviser.

Protecting the Intellectual Capital of Our Clients

Our IP practice specializes in the litigation of complex IP disputes including trademark infringement, patent infringement and trade secret disputes. We continue to achieve great success for small and large businesses that need to protect their greatest asset – their Intellectual Capital. Congratulations to lead IP partner Dean Amburn and his co-counsel as they won big in Federal Court. The jury verdict came January 18th and was the culmination of more than a year of preparation and discussions. We saved our client Bombardier $130 million as we fought off a lawsuit by Land Rover/Jaguar about the use of the name Defender- a brand they had discontinued use of in 1997.

A 69% Increase in the Number of Cases Completed Over Last Year

We are most proud of the cases that are referred to us by the many people who believe in us. We that its a better connection with clients – which is our philosophy as a firm – to focus on providing individualized and special attention to our clients.

When you grow as we have and you are handling more and more cases it takes time and commitment from our attorneys to ensure all clients receive the attention they deserve. 2018 Highlights include:

  • 70% of cases came from referring attorneys that trust us with their clients.
  • 30% of cases came from referrals by our friends and past clients. This we are most proud of.

We are sought out by others for our trial and medical malpractice expertise. Both types of cases take a great deal of skill and research. We have over 125 trials under our belt and we put all that experience into every case…whether it goes to trial or not you need to prepare like it will.


Squeezing Water From A Stone: Insurance Company Offers $0

A recent medical malpractice case that went to trial ended with an unexpected verdict. The insurance company initially offered the family $0 after a surgical error led to complications and eventually the death of their loved one. At the trial in the Oakland County Circuit Court, which is known to be conservative about med mal cases, the jury awarded our client 3 times the amount of the insurance policy covering the negligent doctor. While this wasn’t even close to our largest settlement it was noteworthy because the clients were referred by an attorney at another firm who respected our medical malpractice experience. Our clients were impressed and pleased with our trial preparation, our success in the courtroom and that we convinced the jury of the value of their loved ones life.

  • Construction Site Accident/General Negligence. $1.5 Million. A case in which a demolition company caused a bridge to partially collapse onto our client, one of the construction workers, causing multiple fractures and a head injury.
  • Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death. Award $1.1 Million*. A case in which the hospital doctors failed to timely diagnose and treat an aortic dissection. *Note: This client received the maximum non-economic damages allowed. All medical malpractice cases are subject to caps on damages.
  • Construction/Bicycle Accident. Award $900,000. This case involved a faulty creation of gaps in a roadway which caused the client to fall from her bicycle and suffer a fractured bone in her neck.
  • Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death. Award $900,000* This case occurred when a pulmonologist failed to perform a thorough exam and did not send the patient to a hospital to be treated after which she died. *Note: This client received the maximum non-economic damages allowed. All medical malpractice cases are subject to caps on damages.
  • Civil Rights. Award $147,500. A case in which officers violated the 4th amendment rights of two women by conducting a partial strip search on the side of a busy road – without safeguarding their privacy.

An Experienced Team of Attorneys and Staff Work Together to Win Cases

Giroux Amburn Attorneys

We are happy to have an experienced and hardworking team, committed to helping clients get the results they deserve. Team highlights include:

  • Heather Glazer – the addition of an experienced attorney that can quickly assess the potential of a case; she manages our intake process; is committed to calling prospective clients to discuss their issues and determine if they have a case.
  • Carri Whittemore is an experienced attorney, specializing in Medical Malpractice.
  • Matt Klakulak handling appeals, all heavy research and writing projects and using his knowledge of case law.
  • Evan Pappas and Brandon Abro each handled 40+ personal injury cases.
  • Lina Asmar in the Intellectual Property area extended her education and certification by passing the patent bar.

The team is clicking and embracing their roles areas of expertise within the firm. We are looking forward to continuing to grow as a law firm and excited to make 2019 a year of helping as many people as we can.  We are off to a great start in January with 6 cases settled already. Looking forward to a wonderful 2019.

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