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2019 Another Year of Continued Growth

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How do we know it was a good year?

How do you measure the success of a law firm? 

  • Is it the number of cases resolved?
  • The amount of settlement dollars for our clients?
  • The number of clients helped?
  • The number of attorneys or size of the staff?

For Giroux Amburn, the measure of success is the satisfaction of helping our clients through some of the toughest days they may experience in their lives. We also feel that success comes when you are working with people you trust and enjoy on a day to day basis. 

The Numbers

Our case volume and settlement sizes continue to grow each year. 

  • We resolved 119 (or 20% more) cases in 2019. (Number of cases: 2017 – 60; 2018 – 86; 2019 – 119)
  • Settlement amounts doubled year over year. (2018 – $11,635,440; 2019 $22,179,277)
  • 21 Teammates: 9 attorneys and 12 support professionals

Team Highlights

We are happy to have an experienced and hardworking team committed to helping clients get the results they deserve. Team highlights include: 

Carrie Whittemore had a great year: with her hard work and medical knowledge, she and our medical malpractice team were able to obtain settlements of $2.5 million, $3 million, $1.26 million, $800,000; $900,000 and $400,000 just to name a few. 

Matt Klakulak assisted on and handled some large cases and issues including the firms work on the Larry Nassar Case, the Torpey trial, the settlement in Lundell (multi-million dollar auto case that settled on the morning of the trial)and, as usual, any and all appeals and dispositive motions. 

Evan Pappas has once again been selected to the Michigan Super Lawyers Rising Stars list. He continues to establish himself as an excellent trial attorney adding three more trials and five binding arbitration hearings to his body of work. In addition, he settled over 40 cases himself. 

Brandon Abro, also, continues to establish himself as a force in personal injury law. He resolved over 35 cases most resulting in favorable settlements and participated in two trials and handled four binding arbitration cases with great results for his clients. 

Christian Collis joined the firm. Chris has been an attorney for over 20 years. His legal career crosses multiple areas with most of his life spent fighting for plaintiffs in the areas of automobile negligence, trucking accidents, premises liability, and wrongful death. He also adds additional depth to our strong trial team. In his short time with the firm, he has been involved in several trials and several large settlements. 

Heather Glazier is the attorney that heads up intake for the firm. Her process and diligence in following up and reaching out to clients seeking our help has been key to the increase in cases that we have been able to take on.

Lina Asmar, patent attorney, was recently published in Michigan Lawyers Weekly. Her article “Does Copyright Protect Pornography”, appeared in September 30th issue. 

Case Highlights

Trial: Clients, broadsided by speeding sheriff win 9x what the insurance company offered

Our clients were elated and relieved when we won and obtained a large verdict at their trial in Genesee County Circuit Court. Most importantly in this case the family was overjoyed when a jury found that their husband and father was not at fault in an accident where he was broadsided by a reckless sheriff even though he had pulled out from an appropriate driveway. The police officer was going 2x the posted speed limit. The Sheriff neglected to turn on emergency lights and sirens and t-boned the husband and wife. 

At case evaluation, the case evaluation award was only $175,000 which the family and legal team felt was too low. As it became clearer that the case would need to go to trial – the insurance company refused to increase their offer. The ultimate award by the jury was over $1.5 million. Ultimately 9x the last offer by the insurance company. 

Cases like this one that go to trial take a few years. In that time, we get to know these families so well. In this case we spent a great deal of time talking about Mr. Torpey and what he meant to his wife and children. You become very close. You share in their grief. “So, when you stand in front of a jury trying to convince them of the importance of this wonderful man’s life it is as if I’m part of the family.  It becomes so important for me to win – for them. It’s this passion to take care of our clients that is the most rewarding part of our job” said, Robert Giroux.  

Current Case: Church Elders ignore police warnings allowing Pedophile access to children.

Sexual Abuse Involving a Church -It’s still happening!

We continue to pursue a case against a local, non-denominational church for the sexual abuse of an adolescent church member. As we dig for more evidence, we have uncovered deplorable conduct by the leaders and members of the church and a despicable refusal to accept any responsibility for their outrageous conduct. We are dumbfounded with the lack of follow-up from church personnel who could have prevented this tragedy. 

We found that the perpetrator pedophile had been complained about prior to the subject occurrence and indeed was questioned by a police officer who specialized in sexual abuse cases. After the police interviews, the police warned the church leaders that the perpetrator pedophile should not be allowed to work with children or adolescents again. 

Ignoring the advice, the perpetrator was put back into service and allowed to go out of the town on a mission trip where he, of course, sexually abused the adolescent church member who was easy prey, being out of town without his family around. 

The case will resolve in 2020 with a trial or a large settlement. Either way it’s going to be interesting and explosive. 

Intellectual Property Law

On the patent and trademark prosecution side of the firm’s services there is continuing steady growth with the firm having several issued patents and trademarks.  The firm’s IP practice has more than doubled in the past year. “We are excited by new opportunities for growth in both IP protection and litigation and are committed to providing outstanding legal services at a reasonable cost,” said Dean Amburn.

New Delaware Office – IP

The firm is pleased to announce the impending opening of a Delaware office. Delaware has long been the go-to state for incorporating a business and sees a high concentration of patent infringement litigation. Due to recent changes in how a patent venue has been interpreted – which now requires the filing of a complaint in the state of incorporation, or state having the corporation’s headquarters – Delaware is now the anointed capital for bringing patent infringement claims. As we take steps to open this new Delaware office more information will follow. 

On the litigation side, Dean Amburn and Lina Asmar successfully defended their client Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) against allegations of trademark infringement and unfair competition by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.  After a two-and-a-half-week jury trial and over twenty witnesses JLR asked the jury to award over $130 Million as damages against BRP based on BRP’s profits for sales of its Defender vehicle. The jury returned a no cause of action verdict after finding that there was no likelihood of confusion between JLR’s use of the Defender trademark and BRP’s use. 

We are looking forward to continuing to grow as a law firm and excited to make 2020 a year of helping as many people as we can.  

Bob Giroux and Dean Amburn

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