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Trucking Accident

Are you or a family member suffering serious injuries or death from an accident involving a truck?

Trucking accidents occurring on public roads and highways usually cause serious permanent injury or death due to the massive forces involved.

Call Giroux Amburn now! You need a qualified attorney with experience in this type of crash to file a claim right away.

Trucking crashes are not like car accidents.

They require investigation and workup by experienced attorneys as soon as possible. You need an early investigation work-up of the case because it is important to obtain and preserve evidence concerning the crash before it is lost or destroyed.

The truckers usually have their insurance agents and often times their experts out to the scene of the crash the same day or within 24 hours. You need someone on your side to make sure your voice is heard.

Most commonly, the trucking crashes are caused by driver error such as speed or inattentiveness but sometimes the crashes relate to trucking procedures and policies.

Whatever the cause, it is important you retain an experienced and well-trained attorney to gather important evidence necessary to win the case. At Giroux Amburn, the attorneys are well trained and extensively experienced in trucking crash cases. We’ve recovered millions of dollars worth of cases on behalf of persons who have been injured or persons who have lost family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my employer responsible for my medical expenses if I am hurt while driving a company vehicle?

Worker’s compensation covers an employee injured while driving a company vehicle within the scope of his employment. This coverage can include reimbursement for medical bills, out of pocket expenses, and some lost wages. However, worker’s compensation does not pay for pain and suffering.  A pain and suffering claim should, in most cases, be available against the person responsible for the accident.

Q: Does worker’s compensation help pay my expenses while I am off work?

Worker’s compensation pays hospital and medical expenses related to the injury, but may also provide disability payments while you’re off work. These payments are typically commensurate to a percentage of your regular salary. Worker’s compensation may also pay for rehabilitation and retraining.

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